Hello, and WELCOME to my looking-glass! Let me set the scene...

I create people-centric images for fine art, media, and charity projects. Some I plan, others I capture live; often I digitally enhance them to "turn up the volume" on a concept. I'm daydreaming out loud!

Initially I specialized in dance performance photography, because the best artists invite us shamelessly and deeply into their experience. Transcending movement, body language truth and brilliant shared emotion --- dancers, like unguarded moments, can offer a window into our collective humanity.

As a former dancer myself, I am also an actor, writer & filmmaker, consumed with sharing the "REAL Magic" of life (hope, love, delight, wonder, mystery, touch, peace, etc). My background is in medicine/mental health, as well as religion and international culture. A nonlinear path toward understanding. We all wish for happy endings, and believe me, miracles are all around us. Everyone I meet inspires me. With color, light and your eyes, I'd love to reflect your particular "beauty in the mess" of living.

"To dance is to dream..."
"To see is to look IN, not at."

Enjoy my view,
Angel Burns


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