Angel has a unique way of perfectly capturing a mood, a movement or a feeling in her photography/artistry. Her camera is a magnet for magnificent shots, but it doesn't end there. She enhances the photo to create a beautiful work of art. When I show anyone the photos she has taken of my daughter, they immediately gasp and say, "Wow! Who took that picture!" It's so easy to recommend Angel to everyone I meet because she is so dedicated and such an incredible artist!"
------------ Debora Wright, writer

"Wow! They are absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see more. Thanks Angel. Your photos are beautiful and I do see victory and beauty in them. Some of the shots you have captured are priceless to me. Those are the moments that touched me as I watched and that we will never be able to get back again without those photos that capture them. The shots that are on the website are beautiful as always. Keep doing what you are doing!"
------------ Dena Rini, dancewear costumer

"Greetings, Lady with the Soulful eye! Thanks for your extensive hard work. You definitely have gone far and beyond the call of duty and I do appreciate everything you do. The pictures are amazing. You do wonderful work."
------------ Gregg Russell, tap impresario, choreographer, director/owner 3D Dance Network

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